Tiko United vs Panthère du Nde

The first goal of the action packed encounter was scored by Kamoua Ngweyou, donning jersey number 29, at the 10th minute of play. Kamoua took advantage of a beautiful cross from the left flank and headed the ball for the opener. After several fruitless attempts by Tiko United to equalize, the team’s new maestro,  just back from Europe, Valentine Atem Fondungbeza , at the 21st minute, after receiving a pass, dribbled two Panther players at a blow and with his magical left leg, gave a long ranger that saw goal keeper, Nemba of Panthere, crashing on the ground for an equalizer.

Panthere’s  Chouba increased tally 15 minute after the equalizer from free kick. The tempo of the match during the second half was still very hot when Fondongbeza Valentine, again, benefited from a right flank pass from Agbor, and scored the equalizer. The 3rd goal for Tiko united came at the 53rd from the penalty spot .


Entraineur – Equipe Visiteur

Louis Paul Mfede

Entraineur – Equipe Domicile

Dominic Ayiss

Officiels – Commissaire

Faustin Mbida

Officiels – Arbitre Assistant N2

Awono Emmanuel

Officiels – Arbitre Assistant N1

Francis Bamock

Officiels – Arbitre Central

Abdouraman Rabiou


Environ 4000 spectateurs


Soleil Caniculaire

Aire de Jeu


Réactions Après MatchI Needed To Begin With A Victory
A very tight encounter, but the essential has been done; I played at home and needed to begin with my first victory as head of the technical staff and I still have much to do. The new team I am trying to put in place, I am sure that with time, the team will take its shape.
Dominic Ayisi, Coach, Tiko United

We Dedicated This Match To Alain Wabo
We are very happy for the victory because our supporters have longed for this victory; we played our first match and we drew, we met cotton Sport and we loose so it is in three phases either you win, you draw or you loose and we have already passed the two phases and the third one was to win and we won it. Our problem during the first half was the positioning in the field and after the
half time; we were able to correct all the lapses. You know we lost our Head Coach, Alain Wabo and we had to win this match to his honour because we dedicated this match to him.
Tame alias Timaya, Player, Tiko United

Referee Should Be Sanctioned!
I am scandalised, I cannot imagine that at this time when Cameroon football needs to be upgraded, it is still being buried by some individuals in the name of referees. I think the referee of this match deserves a suspension because we cannot continue to play with this type of referees. The referee is incompetent to blow matches here in Cameroon; he is supposed to blow what he sees and not what he has been told to blow against.
Louis Paul Mfede, Coach Panthère du Nde

Tiko United Desperately Needed Victory
It is evident that Tiko United was desperate for a victory I hope that in the future we should be able to win them
Ali, Player, Panther du Nde